Project Details


The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Alabama-Mississippi Chapter Legacy of Leadership honoring M. Miller Gorrie.



Abaca and kozo paper fiber, acrylic, gel medium, programmable light-emitting diodes, microcontroller, aluminum, stainless steel and PVC.


Size: approx. 20' x 21' x 16'



Civitan International Research Center

University of Alabama in Birmingham

1719 6th Avenue South (@ 18th Street)

Birmingham, Alabama, 35233



The sculpture is an abstraction of the central nervous system (CNS), an exploration and translation of scientific information into art. The study of form and space becomes an independent force, a living entity in the three dimensional space of the atrium.


It is specifically based on relationships between different cells in the brain, including neurons, the primary communicative cells of the CNS, and the myelinating glial cells that cover the nerve fibers.


The light moving within the translucent abaca forms creates linear rhythms suggesting nerve impulses. When the light stops, it refers to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in which the myelin and nerve are damaged.



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