Project Details


United Therapeutics Corporation, Silver Spring, Maryland



Stainless tubing, dyed and painted fabrics, industrial blowers, hosing, electronic & mechanical timing


Size: 10 forms; totaling approx. 40'



United Therapeutics Corporation Headquarters

1040 Spring Street

Silver Spring, Maryland 20910





This is a site-specific sculpture that breathes. It is based on the bronchi, the organs that feed air into the lungs, and the lungs themselves. These anatomical elements have been transformed into a self-sustaining organic breathing system much like that which maintains the human and animal populations of the earth. The resulting sculpture is a biomorphic construction, which appears to exist independently as a living organism.


The sculpture is made of ten forms consisting of translucent fabric stretched over stainless steel tubing.  The fabric has been painted and dyed with very thin layers of acrylic paint.  Eight of the forms have visible interior breathing bags connected to hoses that rhythmically transfer air to and from concealed blowers.  The blowers are timed so that the forms continually change breathing patterns in relation to one another.  Because the lines of tubing and hose can be seen through the overlays of translucent fabric, the sculpture is also, in effect, a drawing that traces the movement of the breath through the space.




Design by  |  2018