Project Details

February 2 – March 4, 2017


Alabama School of Fine Arts

Vulcan Materials Gallery

Birmingham, AL 35203



Abaca, kozo and cotton paper fiber, acrylic, graphite, plastic, electric blowers, relays, hoses, fluorescent grow lights, incandescent lights, programmable light-emitting diodes, microcontrollers, aluminum, stainless steel and PVC, optical lenses, and composed recorded sound by Carey Fountain.


Size: approx. 40’ x 40’


Breath and Shadow combines and juxtaposes artwork from different periods of Armstrong’s career to form a new multimedia installation of shifting meanings.  Breath, shadow, light, sound, and line are layered to produce a unique exhibition.


Early drawings of interpreted sound move into neighboring light formed sculpture.  Sound and light are used to connect painted shadows to three-dimensional forms and change the gallery into a living, breathing environment of air, light, and sound.


A drawing exhibition entitled Echo, curated by Cumbee Tyndal, ASFA Visual Arts Instructor and Vulcan Materials Gallery Director, accompanied the ASFA exhibition. The exhibition featured earlier drawings based upon the forms used in the ASFA installation. Tyndal states “Echo is to sound, as shadow is to form, both entail a relationship of reflection. The act of reflection, of looking and relooking, stems from a belief in evolving meaning.  The drawings in this exhibition express this, as they are Armstrong’s dialogue with the work in the current ASFA exhibition.”


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